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Let’s be honest!!!

Ask yourself this question that how many product reviews you read before purchasing a product?

Well, According to statistics customers read an average of seven reviews before trusting the products of a business.

According to “Qualtrics research report”, 93% of consumers typically read product ratings and reviews before making a purchase.

The lists of businesses that are more likely to get product ratings and reviews from their customers are restaurants and cafes, Hotels/Bed and breakfast, clothing stores, hair & beauty services, Grocery stores and, many more.

Businesses can show off their products and make promises to customers but nowadays customers are ultra-educated and they know that your end goal is to sell a product. So they check other customers’ reviews and ratings before purchasing any product to gain trust.

Rating and reviews benefit a business in many ways. Let’s talk about some of them.

Influence business to improve product and services:

  • The online review tells the business whether their product and services meet customers’ expectations or not. If you are not collecting reviews you won’t be able to know where you are strong against your competitors and where you are lacking so that you can fix that and improve products and services.

Help to Increase online visibility:

  • Reviews don’t only influence purchasers but also matter to Google’s search engines.
  • So, the more positive rating and reviews a local business has, the higher they will likely appear in the google search engine, and of course, the more positive reviews a local business has, the more trustworthy they appear and the more customers attract over the competition.
  • Good online review generates more organic traffic for the business. It also helps in SEO.
  • Reviews contribute to 10% of the Google SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) ranking.

  Social proof:

  • As I said customers are ultra-educated nowadays so to influence them in the right way to make a purchase from you over a competitor, we need to show them proof.
  • We can use customer reviews in many places like; on the landing page of a website, newsletters, emails, social media, and AdWords ads for social proof.

  Build Credibility:

  • Nowadays Competition has reached its peak. Usually, retail businesses have less visibility in the market than large chains.
  • The dominant point is to solve your customer’s problem and answer every customer review existence timely to interact with your customers with a detailed solution is principal.
  • Scraping data shows that respond to customer issues quickly has more chances to retain the customer.
  • The quicker you respond; the more customers will be willing to pay for your products and services in the future.
  • By continuously interacting with your customer is encourages a customer to buy your product or services.

  Verifiable evidence:

  • Every rating and review is based on customer experience. Some are good, some are bad, reviews and ratings are the reliable evidence that customers are satisfied or not with your product and service.
  • Future customers who come across your product page and see good reviews of past customers; become a piece of evidence for them. It also builds trust.
  • When you satisfy your customers, you’ll encourage them to stay loyal to you and as a result, your business will get good reviews from them.

  Get more leads:

  • One of the significant benefits of reviews and rating is to draw attention to more customers to your web page, when you are continuously interacting with your customers’ it shows that the business is very responsive and it generates good leads.
  • Positive reviews and ratings increase your product purchase order and value. Answering your customer’s feedback promptly and consistently translates into actual sales increases.
  • Negative reviews are more dominant to respond means that each review that remains unanswered is a lost opportunity to retain existing customers and attract new prospects.

  Word of mouth:

  • Productive ratings and reviews are a significant achievement of any business. Scraping of rating and reviews give a positive as well as negative impact on your business.
  • Rating and reviews create the word-of-mouth communication channel, a product recommendation for others it generates the brand awareness to the market and product recommendation for the peoples.

Currently, people have access to multiple online resources where customers willingly share their experiences and opinions about various companies, goods, and services. Businesses and e-commerce entrepreneurs can benefit from the insights gained to deliver an improved customer experience to their clients.

Web review scraping will help you dig deep into customer opinions and gain actionable insights for business operation optimization, customer service improvement, and enhance your product or service. It’s essential to remember that negative reviews are as important, and even sometimes more important, than positive ones since they are your source of learning and growth zone indicators.

The Most Popular Sources and Web Platforms:


Trip Advisor



Google Places

B2B Connection ( ) offers two approaches to web data scraping and review scraping in particular: data delivery and custom scraping tools development. In the first case we scrape and review data, cleanse it and provide it to you for further analysis. We can also build a custom web application with advanced features for your business. It will be able to scrape your preferred data automatically.

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