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Scraping Real Estate Properties Data

Scraping Real Estate Properties Data

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The internet is considered to be an amazing information resource. Let’s dive into a real estate statistic about where buyers found the home they purchased.

According to the report from Properties Online, Inc; 49% of Buyer found the purchased home from the internet31% of Buyer found the purchased home from an agent, and, Rest 20% of Buyer found the purchased home from sellers, newspaper, home book/magazine, builder, friend, and a yard sign.

Now the internet has become an essential tool that nearly 95% of home buyers using it to search home.

Real estate websites are useful for buyers, sellers and, real estate agents. Real estate website gives us valuable data and industry insights.

The great thing about this website is it has an MLS listing. A multiple listing service (MLS) is a database established by cooperating real estate brokers to provide data about properties for sale.

As we know that, manual scraping of data can be a tedious process. So, you can hire an expert web scraper ( (Add link) to scrape property listings for you.

Some of the popular websites for real estate data scraping are Zillow, craigslist, realtor, magicbricks, and more to provide real estate data.

Real estate data scraping can be useful in many ways.