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Website Data Scraping Services


Website Data Scraping Services

At B2B Connection, we offer professional website data scraping services to help you extract valuable information from websites efficiently and effectively. Our services cater to a wide range of data needs, ensuring you get the most relevant and useful data for your business.

Learn how to extract internal site info, including content, HTML code, metadata. Click to get a free B2B Connection consultation for your project!

Table of Contents

  1. Two Kinds of Website Information
    • Text Data
    • Pictures and Video Content
    • Document Scraping
    • Metadata, URLs, and Sitemap
    • Specific Data
  2. B2B Connection’s Approaches to Website Scraping

Two Kinds of Website Information

With over 5 billion daily searches, the internet is a treasure trove of information for individuals and businesses alike. At B2B Connection, we classify website data into two main categories: internal and external website data.

  • Internal Website Data: This includes all publicly accessible information on websites, such as text, pictures, videos, documents, and other files. Internal data also encompasses URLs, HTML code, and metadata.
  • External Website Data: This involves information about a website from other sources, including statistical data (e.g., from archive.org), traffic data, rankings, and more.

Internal Website Data Extraction

Text Data

Text data comprises articles, comments, posts, product descriptions, prices, contact details, and more. Our advanced web scraping techniques, enhanced with AI and machine learning algorithms, enable us to effectively extract text data from various websites. Once extracted, we parse, cleanse, transform, and verify the data to ensure it meets your quality standards.

Pictures and Video Content

For image and video content, we can extract media files from websites to help you create catalogs, monitor copyright violations, or enhance your visual content. Our web crawlers can search for specific videos and images across various platforms, ensuring you get the media you need without violating terms of service.

Document Scraping

We specialize in extracting documents from government websites and other sources, including legal information, statutes, and statistical data. Our expertise in handling various document formats ensures that the data is cleansed and structured for easy use. We also offer incremental document scraping, providing you with real-time updates on newly published documents.

Metadata, URLs, and Sitemap

Scraping metadata, URLs, and sitemaps is crucial for SEO tasks. By extracting meta tags and HTML elements, we help you understand what works best on the web and apply these insights to your online resources. We can also assist in migrating content from old websites to new ones without losing any information.

Specific Data

We handle requests to crawl the internet for specific information, such as identifying websites using a particular CMS, scraping forums or articles for keywords, and collecting comments and reviews. Our monitoring services ensure you receive regular updates on specific topics or data points.

B2B Connection’s Approaches to Website Scraping

Data Delivery

If you need cleaned and structured data, our data delivery service is ideal for you. Define your requirements, and we will handle the extraction process, providing you with the data as a one-time delivery or on a regular schedule.

Custom Software Solutions

For businesses requiring custom software and code ownership, we offer tailored digital products designed to match your unique business processes and needs. Explore our custom solutions for a bespoke web scraping experience.

Enhance your business with precise and comprehensive web data extraction. Contact B2B Connection for a free consultation and discover how our website data scraping services can benefit your projects.

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