Google Maps Scraping

What Is It and How Does It Work?

Google Maps and Places is the best way to collect business information from a particular location and Category. Business directories can contain “dead” businesses, but businesses on Google Maps are working, active industries.

Why Google Maps Scraping? And how it is useful for Marketing?

Google Maps is an incredible source of business data listings that offers to get business leads. Around 59% Businesses use Google My Business Page (Google Maps), or we can say GMB service worldwide.

Marketers use this business listing for lead generation, via cold calling or scheduling mass mailing campaigns.

Google Maps Data Scraping Services

Get any business information from Google Places, Like contacts, Servies, and Competitor reviews!

What fields you get?

  • Business Name
  • Address (Street, City, Postal Code)
  • Phone
  • Website (if Available)
  • Rating
  • Number of reviews
  • Photo URL
  • Business Closed or Not (status)
  • Category
  • Lat, Long
  • Google Map Listing URL
  • Email (if Available)
  • Other social media URLs

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