Social Media Is Modern Power

Every minute, over one million social media posts are published on the World Wide Web.

This gives the modern experts an exquisite opportunity for social media scraping—parsing data from social media platforms to gather the information and buzz on certain topics, brands, goods, services, or businesses.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, and others—combined with international forums, platforms, blogs, and news websites—make up an impressive power in the modern world. All sites like this have a common trait—they publish unstructured content generated by the users that can only be accessed through the internet.

Absolutely every topic, question, or thing you can think of nowadays can be found on social media in open and public discussions, and that is an invaluable source of insight into the moods and opinions among consumers, businesspeople, and influencers.

Who benefits from social media scraping?

Parsing and data analysis is always about research. Social media scraping mostly applies to:

  • business
  • politics
  • science
  • sociology

What value do our clients get from social media scraping?

When parsing and analyzing the information from SM posts, one can get:

  • an overview of the current discussions in a certain sphere,
  • an in-depth insight into discussions on a specific topic,
  • understanding of the up-to-date trends and innovations,
  • recognition of the experts and influencers in a particular field,
  • comprehension of the topics and content eliciting interest, involvement, and discussion.